All-New Ford C-MAX Smart Features Drivers Appreciate

If you're still in the market for a new compact hybrid, today is the perfect time to come visit Serramonte Ford and check out the smart features packed into the all-new Ford C-MAX.

One of the smart features making it easier to navigate as you drive the Ford C-MAX in reverse is the rear back-up camera system. Activated automatically when the vehicle is shifted into reverse, now the center console monitor gives you a clear view of all the possible obstructions that could be in your path, so you have time to take the appropriate action.

With the Enhanced Active Park Assist system, parking the Ford C-MAX is safer and easier than you could ever imagine. Activate the feature, then wait for the prompts after the sensors have located the perfect size parking space. As the system prompts the driver, simply brake, accelerate, or shift, and watch the vehicle steer itself into that space.

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