Ford Obtains Patent to Monitor Driver Health in Cars

Ford has interestingly acquired a patent that would allow them to utilize in-car tech to monitor the health of drivers while on the road. Titled "Medical data acquisition and provision," the patent could spawn tech that would be used to help notify drivers of any existing health complications and contact paramedics in the event of an emergency.

Through the use of sensors and unique software, Ford could potentially keep track of drivers medically. The tech would be used to monitor a person’s weight and heart rate during their everyday commutes, and a wireless device would be integrated into the vehicle to ensure the system collected data from the right person. If any health concerns arose, the system could alert the driver and also send the information wirelessly to the person's healthcare provider. However, the driver would first have to grant their healthcare provider permission to access the data in order to ensure their privacy was not being breached.

With more and more people looking for ways to keep track of their health nowadays, Ford's latest patent could prove to be beneficial. As of now, the automaker has no official plans to introduce health monitoring systems on upcoming cars, but there's a chance that could change in the future.

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