How do you Reset Ford SYNC

How to Reset Ford SYNC 

SYNC is by far one of the most significant technological advances that Ford has created in a while. There are times, however, when the system becomes overwhelmed and needs a fresh start to continue operating efficiently. Such is the reason for the Master Reset option. Here is a simple guide for overhauling SYNC in your Ford car or truck.


2017 Models or Newer

How To Reset:

  1. Turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth and wait for "SYNC" to appear.
  2. Select "SYNC" and delete it as an option for pairing.
  3. Go to your vehicle's infotainment system and select MENU options.
  4. Choose "SYNC Settings" and then press "OK."
  5. Scroll down the list of options and select "Master Reset." Confirm that you want to initiate the process.

2016 Models or Older

How To Reset:

  1. Activate your phone's Bluetooth capabilities.
  2. Select "SYNC" in the list of pairing options and then press "Delete."
  3. Select the "Phone" screen on your vehicle's infotainment center. You will either see a message informing you that the system is trying to connect to available devices, or you will see an announcement telling you that there are no nearby gadgets to which the system can attach.
  4. Press the arrows or "Seek" button until the message, "Return" appears on the screen. Select "OK."
  5. Press the arrows or "Seek" option until the message, "Advanced" shows on screen. Select "OK."
  6. Press the arrows or "Seek" button until the option, "Master Reset" appears. Select "OK."
  7. Affirm that you want to reset the system when the confirmation page appears.

A Few Other Notes

Your vehicles must be in Park and running for the master reset to be successful. Cars in accessory mode will not give drivers the option of rebooting the system. Also, you may want to write down navigation points, and other personal data as overhauling SYNC lead to such information being erased. Those who own either a 2016 or 2015 Mustang, Edge, F-150, or Focus can use the first set of instructions to reset their SYNC systems. Owners of 2016 Explorers or Escapes can also use the first set of instructions for their guide.

You can always bring your Ford car or truck to our dealer and let one of our friendly associates walk you through the process of resetting SYNC. Also, test drive a 2018 model while you're here!

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