Rally Fans Make Miraculous Escape When Car Runs into Crowd

Recently at a motor rally in Italy, a handful of bystanders got a much bigger thrill than they bargained for. Rally racing offers audiences the perk of getting up close to the action, as close as they want to get in fact, as long as they're not on the road. But after seeing video of a race car flipping through the air - hurling right at a group of spectators - we're sure fans will second guess sitting so close to the track. 

At most races, onlookers sit safely behind fences or in grandstands securely distanced from fires, flying debris and flying cars. However, at rallies people can hang out right on the edge of the track. In this video, a group is sitting on the side of a hill (and some are even sitting right on the wall) at the outside of a turn, pretty much in the trajectory of oncoming race cars. When the driver understeers (that's what we're guessing happened), his car flies onto the hill directly at the group of spectators.

The scene is heart-stopping. People scattered trying to get out of the way, while one girl is clearly frozen with shock and only manages to cover her face as the car screeches by. It's a miracle that no one was hurt, even when sharp debris was flying all around. The car, of course, was pretty much smashed to bits. Click play to see the video now.

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