Three-Wheel Mustang Cruises the Highway

For most people, it's common sense that a car requires four tires in order to drive properly, but for others, this knowledge is somehow unknown. One individual, who happens to be a part of the small group that's unaware of the four-tire rule, recently took his three-wheel Mustang for a ride around town in Texas. To make matters worse, he decided to take the car for a joy ride on the highway, which could have led to an accident. Thankfully, there's no bad news to report with this story, but there is a video if you're interested in seeing the ridiculous feat for yourself!

In the 14-secound clip posted on YouTube, a fellow driver records the red, three-wheel Mustang speeding down the highway. The front driver-side tire is visibly missing from the car and you can see sparks flying from its undercarriage. There's no word on where the Mustang driver was headed while attempting this reckless stunt, but we're hoping he was on his way to an auto body shop. It's not often that you see this kind of spectacle, and if it were up to us, this guy would face some stiff penalties.

View the complete video below to see the entire ordeal play out. Don't try this at home!

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