What Does a Ford Extended Service Plan Cover?

Ford Extended Service 

If you want peace of mind after purchasing your new Ford, consider buying a Ford Extended Warranty plan along with your vehicle purchase. These service plans backed entirely by the manufacturer, take the risk out of owning a vehicle by covering a variety of repairs that can occur after your powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranty periods end. When you buy a new car at Serramonte Ford, we'll give you the option of purchasing an extended warranty, the cost of which can be rolled into your monthly payments.

What is PowertrainCARE

Under this extended warranty plan, all major engine components, internal engine parts, gaskets, and seals are covered. Even the powertrain control module is included. Other elements that are covered include the manifold, oil pan and pump, thermostat and its housing, timing chain and its cover, factory installed turbocharger or supercharger and the water pump.

What is BaseCARE

A total of 84 components are covered under this extended warranty. You'll get powertrain coverage from the Powertrain package, along with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive components, depending on your vehicle. All steering components are covered, along with select front suspension components, air conditioning and heating and electrical parts. Even specific brake components are paid for if they wear, including calipers, lines and fittings an and the brake pedal.

What is ExtraCARE

This extended warranty covers a total of 113 components. You'll get all parts included in the other two warranties along with all steering and brake parts. Select electrical and high-tech elements are also part of this warranty package, such as the starter motor, speedometer/odometer, voltage regulator, power windows, power seats, door locks and retainer clips, speed control and much more. This package provides an additional $500 to $1,000 in savings.

What is PremiumCARE

The PremiumCARE is the ultimate extended warranty package with over 1,000 vehicle components covered. Virtually every part of your new Ford is included in this comprehensive extended warranty. All elements above are paid for if they fail, along with a variety of emissions, audio and safety features.

What Are Some of the Advantages?

When you purchase a Ford extended warranty, you get much more than coverage of components. Every plan gives you up to 10 days of rental vehicle benefit at $30 per day. You'll also get up to $500 of roadside assistance that includes tire changing, lock-out, and fuel delivery. Another great benefit is that these warranties are transferable should you choose to sell your vehicle.

Other ultra premium plans that cover routine maintenance at manufacturer's suggested intervals are also available to give you carefree ownership.

To learn more details about each type of extended warranty plan available from Ford, stop by the showroom at Serramonte Ford. One of our knowledgeable associates will be glad to provide you with all of the information needed and retail prices for each plan.

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