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Choose the Ford Fusion Hybrid for its Design

You should be in a vehicle that makes you happy. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a popular hybrid sedan and the team at Serramonte Ford feels that it might be a vehicle that makes you happy because of the way that it is designed.

The door handles and bumpers of the Ford Fusion Hybrid are made in the same color as the body of the vehicle, giving it a clean finish. This vehicle gives you the opportunity to be set up with halogen fog lights if those are of interest to you and something that you would like to add…

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Look Closer at These Ford Escape Technology Features

The new Ford Escape continues to be a popular crossover vehicle that is packed with technology features drivers love. Here are some of those features in action.

The Ford Escape has a radar that scans the road for traffic that is getting too close to your vehicle. The Blind Spot Information System will alert the driving with a flashing light on the side mirror so the driver doesn't leave the lane and head right into traffic. 

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Ford Taurus Has Technology Features You Should See

How can the Ford Taurus be considered a widely popular full-size sedan each year? Maybe it has something to do with a few of these technology features.

Once you set the Adaptive Cruise Control system in the new Ford Taurus, watch what happens after you get rolling. Any time the cruise control system scans a car moving too slow in front of you, the system slows down the car automatically until clear, then will get the car back up to the desired speed again.

Another impressive technology feature in the Taurus is the Lane-Keeping System. Regardless why you drifted out…

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Projects Are Made Easier With the Ford Super Duty

If you already own a pickup truck, then you already have a good idea how productive you can be with one. As a popular pickup truck, the Ford Super Duty was designed to provide maximum productive features to help make things easier and much more convenient for you.

When you’re working solo on a job, the features can come in handy and be very useful. For instance, the power tailgate release and remote-locking tailgate can be operated using a key fob. The tailgate gradually lowers to a flat position, and you’re able to load the bed with greater…

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Smart Cars Using Apple CarPlay

In Colma, accidents happen all the time due to negligent drivers being so distracted by their iPhones. Despite regulations calling for hands-free interfaces, none of the attempts by third parties have been all that elegant. Thankfully, Apple is working with leading automotive companies to create the Apple CarPlay system, which is the first (as Apple goes) standard, iOS core system for vehicles.

Dash Display

Dash displays provide a large, easy-to-glance at display for maps, incoming and outgoing calls, traffic reports and more. It’s fast to read, meaning almost no time with your eyes

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The Ford Explorer Lets You Explore Any Terrain

Owning a Ford Explorer gives you a feeling larger than life when you are driving down the road. This SUV seats seven comfortably in its luxuriously outfitted cabin interior and is capable of driving through all types of terrain. If outfitted with the towing package, there is no end to the uses you can ask of the Ford Explorer.

The Class III Trailer Tow Package is standard with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine and available with the 3.5L TiVCT engine. It comes with a tow hitch, engine oil cooler and a wiring harness. The integrated trailer sway control...


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The Ford Focus Electric is an EV with Great Technology Features

As you are searching for an electric vehicle, you want to find one that you will be able to drive without feeling like you are sacrificing anything. The Ford Focus Electric is a popular compact EV and it is set up with all of the technology features that you want in a vehicle.

Having access to a navigation system while you are in your vehicle is important, especially when you are heading out of Colma. The Ford Focus Electric gives you access to a special voice-activated...


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Cargo Room and Energy Conservation in the Ford EcoSport

Those who are interested in a compact-sized SUV should consider the Ford EcoSport. This vehicle is designed to be a fuel-efficient SUV that has enough power to get you where you want to go in the city or in the countryside.

One thing that is nice about owning an SUV is that there is plenty of space for hauling and transporting cargo. The EcoSport has features that make hauling cargo easier. The rear seats will fold down completely flat, and the rear shelf has an additional storage area beneath it. The EcoSport also has fuel-efficiency features like auto stop and…

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