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Preview: 2022 Ford E-Transit

2022 Ford E-Transit 
Ford is an automaker known for being a “first” in many ways. This year, Ford brings electric power to the commercial van class for the first time. Now you can get the Transit, which is a best-selling commercial van, with hybrid technology. The 2022 model year introduces customers to the E-Transit, the inaugural electric hybrid Ford Transit van. You can now enjoy any of the original three Ford Transit models, including the cargo, passenger, and cutaway van, with a hybrid engine under the hood for fewer stops at the gas station and more savings at the pump.
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Preview: 2022 Ford Maverick

Ford Marverick  

The request for Ford to manufacture a small pickup truck is finally in the works. As drivers have requested a more compact model be released, the automaker has responded and recently released the production data to its investors. The "C-Pick Up" is expected to be released as a 2022 model in the next year and called the Maverick. Ford is currently testing 21 prototypes that it created before the model is available to the public.

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Can I Start My Ford With My Phone?


Technological advances have allowed vehicle manufacturers to step up their game when it comes to features that make your life easier. As of the 2021 model year, Ford offers the ability to start your vehicle remotely using the FordPass app. This will be a standard feature for all Ford models moving forward.

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Why it's Important to Keep your Car Maintained ?

Owning a vehicle requires you to invest a good deal of time and money into your investment. If you want your car to run properly for many years to come, you'll need to utilize things like routine maintenance and service. A reputable service center will help get you on a schedule that you can keep up with. This can include a variety of different services such as:

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Ford Driver Assist Technology Could Stop ‘ANNOYING’ Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road

Ford Driver Assist Technology

Ford to the Rescue

Ford recently performed a study among its customers to tackle a rough subject: backseat drivers. We all know them, but do not love them at all, at least not when they're being backseat drivers. These often well-meaning passengers in a car will try to alert the driver if they sense a mistake is being made. What Ford wanted to know is if their Driver-assist technology might eliminate the need for backseat drivers from the future altogether.

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Which Ford SUVs are Loved by Millennials?

Ford SUVs and Millennials

An interesting new trend in vehicle ownership is that millennials are becoming much more interested in SUVs than sedans as they grow their families. In fact, this age group is buying SUVs at a higher rate than any other group of drivers right now. SUVs allow for more versatility as well as cargo and passenger space. Ford SUVs have become increasingly popular amongst millennials based on their durability, reliability and incredible performance features.

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Popular New Ford Features

60-40 Split Seat Feature

Ford is the automotive legend in the United States that started the entire industry of manufacturing with its sophisticated assembly line methods. Today, the Ford F-series is the best-selling vehicle in the world. The F-150 continues to retain the status of the top-selling vehicle in America, a legacy dating back over 40 years.

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How do you Reset Ford SYNC

How to Reset Ford SYNC 
Ford came out with the SYNC feature back in 2007. Since then, there have been many changes and upgrades to make this feature better than ever. Unfortunately, there can always be issues with technology, even in the best-constructed systems around. If you need to do a Master Reset on your SYNC system, here are some tips for walking you through the process.
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