Ford Lease Returns

If you are approaching the end of your lease, you have a few options to consider. Whenever you have a minute, we simply ask you to stop by our Serramonte Ford dealership for a final inspection. Then, we can start discussing your choice of the options below.

Step into the Latest Innovations

If your vehicle missed out on the huge tech upgrades that were rolled out recently, you may start feeling pretty grateful that you signed a lease. Your lease makes it super easy for you to pick any of the latest Ford models on our lots for an instant upgrade. You can now get 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, automated collision avoidance systems, and all the best infotainment that is available.

These smart features rely on sensors and new programming to engineer the best experience for tech-savvy drivers. And we are only steps away from seeing roads filled with automated vehicles. What a wonderful time to be an American and to celebrate in an all-American brand like Ford. Simply click on the button below to take a gander at the numerous new features available in our current inventory. You'll be blown away by the tech features.

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Renew Your Current Lease

Super Duty Technology

If you love your current lease and you don't feel much of an incentive to upgrade, why not keep what you have? You've already paid into the vehicle and made it past the threshold of maximum depreciation. Every year forward, the costs of leasing will be less and less. If you feel comfortable in your current Ford, you may want to stop in for an inspection. We can then start a negotiation process on how much you'll pay to keep on driving that favorite car or truck.

Complete the Purchase

If you've had a very good experience with your Ford lease and you've kept it in immaculate condition, why not buy it? Most people who lease their vehicles like the option of an open lease because it gives them an easy way out if the driving experience doesn't live up to their expectations. But since you've had such a good run, the long-term value of keeping a car or truck for commuting or work pays off big time when you buy it out. Make that Ford yours today by stopping by for an inspection and completing the purchase. You could always come back and trade it in if something newer pops up.

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