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Investing in a new vehicle is a big deal, and Serramonte Ford wants to make sure that everything is working correctly on your car. To keep your engine at an acceptable temperature, your cooling system will work alongside other parts in your engine to release some of the built-up pressure and heat that accumulates as your engine runs. As your vehicle ages or the parts age, you may notice that your vehicle is overheating. Let us know as soon as this happens to bring your vehicle in for a service appointment.

An Engine's Cooling System

As part of your cooling system, coolant is running through your engine. It is absorbing the heat that is being produced. Working with other parts of your cooling system, this heat will be released out into the environment. We encourage you to check your coolant levels periodically to ensure that everything is good to go. If you're complaining of an overheating issue, we'll check your cooling system for any signs of leaks or damage.

Water Pump Function

A water pump inside your cooling system will cool down temperatures while moving the heat away from the sensitive components of your engine. We check this area for damage and corrosion that can occur over time to the aluminum within the water pump.

The Role of Your Radiator

Your cooling system utilizes your radiator system to release the pressure that builds up over time as your engine produces heat. Your radiator works with coolant to initially absorb that heat.

Internal Thermostat Function

Your thermostat needs to function correctly so it can determine how much or how little coolant needs to be utilized to bring the temperature of your engine down. It's common for the valve inside your thermostat to require repair if it's not moving in the appropriate directions.

Hoses and Belts Under the Hood

Hoses and belts are an integral part of your vehicle when it comes to controlling temperature. We pay close attention to these areas during an inspection, and we'll check them first when you come in for service due to overheating.

While it's uncommon for a brand new vehicle to overheat, it's not unheard of if something happens to be wrong. You may also find that your aging car needs a little TLC. Contact our service department to find out how we can help.


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