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Your vehicle can stall, flash an error and even shake when something isn't quite right with how it's functioning. There are many reasons this could be occurring, and it's a good idea to let one of the professionals at our service department determine what the cause is. Putting off having the problem addressed could put you and others at risk while driving on the road.

Common Engine Issues That Cause Shaking

When your vehicle starts to shake, your engine is one of the places that we'll take a look at. There are many parts to your engine that makes it function efficiently and properly. Improper airflow through a clogged air filter can be to blame. You may also need to have your spark plugs replaced if you're getting close to the 80,000-mile mark. These issues won't always cause an alarming shaking, but you may simply feel a vibration sensation coming through your steering wheel.

Brake Service

Brakes wear out at all different rates based on the amount you drive, your driving habits, and the conditions you're driving in. Expect to need new brake pads around 50,000 miles, but this may be necessary more or less often. You can also look at your owner's manual to figure out what's recommended for your specific make and vehicle model. We'll take a quick peek at your brake pads each time you come in for routine service. This gives you some insight into when brake service will be needed in the future.

Wheel Condition

Issues within your wheels can commonly cause shaking in the rest of your vehicle. Tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and ball joints will usually wear down and cause shaking to occur in your steering wheel.


There are axles in the front and rear of your vehicle which connect your wheels on each end. These axles can become damaged when you're driving over debris, potholes, or even if you hit a curb. An accident can also cause axle damage. Keep an eye out for shaking when accelerating.

Issues With Your Tires

Your lug nuts may be loose, causing your vehicle to shake. You could also be in need of an alignment. We can check to see if your tires need to be appropriately balanced, or you may need the PSI in your tires changed to a more appropriate amount.

If you have been experiencing shaking or vibrations while driving in your vehicle, contact our service department to set up a day and time to bring your automobile into our shop.


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