Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

There are a number of components inside of your vehicle that contribute to how your vehicle will perform and function. Your power steering fluid is something that assists with the maneuvering of your vehicle. If you are low on this fluid, you may notice that a number of issues are occurring with your vehicle. This could be a dangerous situation to deal with.

If you notice there is a problem with your vehicle, stop down to Serramonte Ford to have your power steering fluid checked. This is something that should be done with every oil change, but if you notice there is a problem in between changes, have it checked out immediately. Our service center will ensure that no bigger problem is going on with your fluid levels. We will top your power steering fluid off with a high quality product that we trust.

Power Steering Fluid at a Glance

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

When you are using your vehicle, your steering wheel is constantly being moved from side to side. This is done by a hydraulics system that utilizes power steering fluid within a steering system that is powered by your engine.

When your engine pumps the power steering fluid to your steering box, your wheel will engage the process of pressurized fluid pulling on your wheel. The system can fail just like any other part of your vehicle. If you are very low on power steering fluid, you could be risking a major accident occurring when you are on the road.

Signs of Low Power Steering Fluid

  • When you turn your steering wheel side to side, your vehicle might be making a lot of noise. This can occur because of your steering fluid being very low. The noise will likely be coming from under the hood of your vehicle.
  • Your steering wheel should be able to turn to each side with ease. Low levels can result in your steering feeling very jerky. It may also feel like you have to use a lot more force than normal to get your steering wheel to move. You’ll notice both of these problems are more prevalent when your vehicle is moving at a very slow speed.
  • When you move your vehicle out of its normal parking spot, you might notice that there is a small amount of liquid pooling under your vehicle. This could be motor oil or transmission fluid. Regardless of what fluid it is, the problem should be checked immediately.

In order to ensure that your vehicle’s power steering fluid is at normal levels, have it checked during each of your oil changes. We can show you how to check your levels at home. It is recommended that your power steering fluid be completely drained and replaced once every 60,000 miles. Bring your vehicle down to our service center if you would like us to complete this job for you. You can trust the work we do will be reliable and fast. We use only the highest quality products around, to ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently and safely at all times.

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