Ford Driver Assist Technology

Ford to the Rescue

Ford recently performed a study among its customers to tackle a rough subject: backseat drivers. We all know them, but do not love them at all, at least not when they're being backseat drivers. These often well-meaning passengers in a car will try to alert the driver if they sense a mistake is being made. What Ford wanted to know is if their Driver-assist technology might eliminate the need for backseat drivers from the future altogether. They performed the study in cooperation with Dr. Jess Carbino, a well-known sociologist, who also wanted to know what drivers thought about backseat drivers and how driver-assist technology might curb their fears.

Ford Co-Pilot360 Instills Confidence

Backseat drivers are often anxious people who fear accidents, so they are hypervigilant and constantly annoying the driver. They might shout out that a pedestrian is about to cross paths with the car, even though it's their imagination, or they might tell the driver to slow down even though they're going the speed limit. These anxious, often annoying folks mean well, but they're actually distracting the driver and creating a dangerous situation inside the vehicle. Thankfully, Ford Co-Pilot360 holds a lot of promise in terms of making these awful backseat drivers disappear. How? Well, 68% of drivers questioned during the study felt that Ford's driver-assist technology would put backseat drivers at ease and turn them into passive, pleasant passengers. If that's not good news, nothing is.

A Brand New Day

Thanks to driver-assist technology like Ford Co-Pilot360, drivers are more hopeful than ever that backseat driving will become a thing of the past, letting drivers peacefully take care of their business of keeping everyone safe during a long or short drive. Instead of the backseat driver ringing out with advice, it's the lane departure warnings or the pedestrian detection systems that will let a driver know when they're making a mistake. Even better, many of these driver-assist systems can make minor corrections to the driver's braking or acceleration, leaving them capable of active features that make everyone even safer. You have Ford to thank for the possibility that backseat drivers will disappear and become happily occupied with other technology drivers. If you'd like to learn more about Ford Co-Pilot360 or the study that supports this information, just give our dealership a call. We'd love to discuss anything Ford with you. Call or write to us today with questions.