2022 Ford E-Transit  

Ford is an automaker known for being a “first” in many ways. This year, Ford brings electric power to the commercial van class for the first time. Now you can get the Transit, which is a best-selling commercial van, with hybrid technology. The 2022 model year introduces customers to the E-Transit, the inaugural electric hybrid Ford Transit van. You can now enjoy any of the original three Ford Transit models, including the cargo, passenger, and cutaway van, with a hybrid engine under the hood for fewer stops at the gas station and more savings at the pump.

While the Ford E-Transit shares some characteristics in common with the traditional Ford Transit, including the same exceptionally spacious interior and body style designs, it has a different mechanical system under its hood. While the Transit operates with a gasoline engine, the Ford E-Transit has a hybrid powertrain instead, complete with an electric motor and a battery that gets over 65 kWh in power. The Ford Transit is powered primarily by an efficient electric motor that connects to the van's back wheels. The mechanical system has plenty of power output and torque at 266 HP in peak power and 317 LB-FT in torque. The Ford Transit has an impressive payload rating of up to 3,800 pounds if you choose the cargo van, and even more at 4,290 pounds with the cutaway body style. When you need to recharge the Ford E-Transit, you have several options available. Stopping at a charging station will provide the E-Transit with up to 45 miles of electric range with a charge time of just 15 minutes. Plugging in the E-Transit at home means that you can charge the Ford with a 240V power cord to get 10 miles of range in about 60 minutes. If you need to recharge the battery fully, you can do so at home in about eight hours.

In addition to all the power that it provides, you will find that the Ford E-Transit is a comfortable van to ride in, no matter which version you decide to get. The Ford E-Transit comes with the newest in Ford's technology, which is the Sync 4 infotainment system. You will also get a variety of advanced safety components with the 2022 Ford E-Transit. The Ford comes with a large standard 12-inch display that has clear graphics and integrated navigation so that you can easily get directions and find your way around.

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