Ford Ranger Splash Package  

Fans of the Ford Ranger will be delighted to know that the ever-popular Splash Package is back for the midsize truck this year. The Splash Package is just the click of a button away, and it provides your Ranger with a variety of unique color schemes. The latest Splash Package features an innovative black and orange color scheme for the Ford Rangers that includes a custom appearance inside and out.

What is the Splash Package?

The Splash Package is a special package that is designed specifically for the Ford Ranger. The Splash Package was first released in the early 1990s. As the name implies, it was designed to help the Ranger make a splash on the road. The Ford Ranger's Splash Package offers different color schemes and themes from time to time, making it a great option to consider if you are seeking new ways to dress up your car's look. The Splash Package is designed to give your Ford Ranger a unique look inside and out. The Splash Package is one option that Ford Ranger owners have for accessorizing their vehicle, and it is a top choice among car shoppers who are hoping to give their truck a custom appearance.

2022 Splash Package

Each year, or even every few months, Ford gives the Splash Package a new look. The colors in the Splash Package are replaced periodically to provide the Ranger with a unique look. Most packages are only available in limited quantities, and they are only produced for a short period of time. This year's Splash Package has a few options to finish the Ford Ranger's perfect look based on your preferences. The regular Splash Package gives the Ford a unique black and orange color scheme with special exterior accents in both colors. Glossy black accents are a special feature of the package that helps give your truck a higher-end look. The package even comes with special wheels to give the Ford Ranger a coordinated look from the ground up. In addition to the black and orange exterior accents, the Ford Ranger also comes with 18-inch wheels with a 12-spoke design. The wheels are finished in a sleek black color. On the inside, the Ford Ranger gets contrasting orange stitching on the seats, steering wheel, parking brake, and gear shifter.

This year's appearance package is also available in a second version called the Splash Limited Edition. The Splash Limited Edition features special colors that are released every few months. All Ranger models have 18-inch wheels with a matte black finish despite the different exterior colors they may have.