Ford Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

Ford's trailblazing lineup of electric vehicles is a massive hit so far at our Ford dealership. Many people are rushing to buy these vehicles while they're still new. From the all-electric Mustang Mach-E to the sure-to-be classic Ford F-150 Lightning, our lineup impresses at every twist and turn in 2022. When can you expect these models to be on the road? Some are already here. Some are just around the corner.

Ford's All-Electric Army

Ford wants you to say adios to gas once and for good. To help you do that, they're mentioning their all-star lineup of electric vehicles frequently these days. We'd like to mention the models you should keep your eye on this year if you've got your heart set on electric power. There's the commercially viable E-Transit, family luxury SUV Mustang Mach-E, and the world's first F-150 Lightning.


Lightning was a great name for the first F-series all-electric truck. This model's up to 775 lb-ft of torque is going to launch a whole new universe of happiness for Ford truck owners. The best part of the Lightning is that it looks and feels just like an F-series truck, albeit with a few luxurious upgrades on the interior. It's also a lot more high-tech than anything Ford's done in the past, so if you love the comfort and above-average travels, the F-150 Lightning is a truck to remember.


People have been cheering for the Mach-E for a while now, but it's finally here at our dealership and ready to give you an all-electric Mustang SUV-type performance. This model has all the spaciousness of Ford SUVs, but it also has up to 480 horsepower of all-electric power. The frunk in the front of the model will also please a lot of people.


Business owners or people who might need a cargo van for family moves or travels will appreciate the E-Transit. Its 266 horsepower and up to 226-mile range will make any business smile. Not only is the E-Transit powerful, but it can also net you benefits at tax time and save you all trips at the gas pump. Just drive on by.

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Please let our team know what kind of information you're looking for on Ford's all-electric lineup. Our sales team is happy to share all the happy details of Ford electric vehicles.

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