Ford Transit Trail Camper Van Coming to America  

The Ford Transit Trail Van Camper is finally coming to the United States. There appears to be a lot of anticipation for this van from American van enthusiasts.

The Ford Transit and American Van Culture

The Transit Trail has been anticipated in the U.S. For some time now. It came to England first around about 2 years ago. Since then, rumors have abounded that this van may end up in the U.S. Eventually, that time has now come.

It has the advantage of being a powerful van that can also go off-road. In particular, it's called a Blue Oval Van. One of the reasons why this is significant is due to how strong van culture is in the United States. There's a whole group of people who frequently post under the “van life” moniker, especially using campers and other vans that can venture off into the wilderness, complete with much of what they need to be self-sufficient.

Entire communities have sprung up around van life, which is why it's generating so much interest in that area. They all live out of their vans while driving around the country. They can go wherever they choose to go and then park somewhere where they can get resources and then just live out of their van. This kind of freedom is appealing to a large number of people, and many post videos and blogs about it creating an entire culture that's been cropping up lately.

The Transit Trail is an anticipated part of this culture and will likely be adding a lot to it. It's not known yet which features will be the same as the U.K. version, but it's certainly imagined that there will be plenty of features in common between the two. This will allow people from multiple areas to drive into the world and experience can live in whatever manner they choose.

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