Ford & SK On to Solidify Leadership in the Global Electric Vehicle Market Through BlueOval SK  

Ford & SK Solidify Leadership in the Global EV Market

Ford and SK have again teamed up to reinforce their leadership position in the global electric vehicle market. Enabled by their technology collaboration, the new partnership will bring together the automakers' best innovations and experiences to create exciting new opportunities for customers.

Evolving the Ford-SK Alliance

Ford and SK have collaborated since both brands began their respective EV journeys. This relationship has been further developed and improved over time, culminating in the launch of their latest partnership.

The alliance between Ford and SK is focused on driving sustainable growth in their EV business while supporting the race to reduce emissions. The partnership works by pooling the companies' knowledge and expertise to create more positive outcomes.

Integrating Technology

Ford's and SK's combined resources also extend to their technology integration. By pooling the two companies' resources and sharing their knowledge, Ford and SK will develop new potential solutions that can benefit their customers.

With their upcoming vehicles, Ford and SK are already making strides in the EV market. Ford's new Mustang Mach-E will be available soon and features an efficient powertrain and intuitive technology. They also recently announced their third Mustang-inspired model, the Mach-E GT. On the other hand, SK is also working on an electric vehicle called the Kona EV, which is expected to feature advanced safety features and an excellent range.

BlueOval SK: A New Division

The new partnership between Ford and SK is part of the companies' commitment to building a global EV market. With this collaboration, the two brands have created a new division, BlueOval SK. This new entity will bring together the technologies, products, and services of Ford and SK under one roof, allowing them to remain competitive in the EV sector.

BlueOval SK's primary mission will be to focus on research, development, and business development. They aim to bring all the components necessary to launch a modern, integrated EV system. This includes all EV production and launches aspects, including design, production, sales, financing, charging, and service.

The companies also plan to utilize their expertise in digital transformation. This will allow them to leverage the latest technology and data-driven insights to create a more efficient, connected, intelligent global EV market.


Ford and SK have established a new alliance to strengthen their positions in the electric vehicle market. The two companies have created a new division, BlueOval SK, combining products and services to form a cohesive EV system. Ford and SK plan to leverage their collective resources and use the latest technology and data-driven insights to create a more efficient, connected, and intelligent EV system through this collaboration.

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