2021 Ford F-150

Some sounds are just a normal part of the vehicle, but other times it can signal problems. Problems can start suddenly or gradually develop over time and can originate from many sources in your car. If these sounds are audible during your drive, contact our reputable Ford technicians for servicing. In the meantime, we provide information on some abnormal sounds you may hear from your car and what they indicate.

Squeaky Brakes

Squeaking brakes is a common noise complaint and can happen for varying reasons. If the brakes are not properly maintained, they can start to develop rust or accumulate dirt and dust. Both factors can produce squeaking sounds. Having a mechanic lubricate and clean the parts can stop the sound. The brake pads may also be worn out and cause squeaking, and components in the braking system may be loose.

Engine Rattling

Rattling coming from the engine usually means that ignition is happening at the wrong time in the engine cylinder. This occurs when the air and fuel combine too early and trigger a premature ignition. The flame fronts in the cylinder compete with each other due to pressure, which causes the ignition and rattling. The problem may be caused by using the wrong type of fuel or a problem with an engine component.

Engine Clicking

There are a few possible explanations for engine clicking noises. The engine can start clicking when there is not enough oil in the car. Low oil levels may also be accompanied by other engine problems, including an engine that overheats easily or runs hot. A knocking rod or valves that aren't adjusted can also cause clicking.

Knocking Under the Hood

Knocking coming from the hood points to two possible problems. One is a possible issue with the transmission, and the other is a crankshaft that has worn out. A skilled mechanic can diagnose the problem and get the car safely back on the road.

Engine Squealing

A squealing engine can result from bad roller bearing, a worn tensioner, or an issue with the serpentine belt. The noises may come and go as you're driving, or they may stay constant. If the sound persists, seek professional service immediately.

At Serramonte Ford, we believe in going above and beyond to enhance the customer experience. If your car is making strange sounds, call or visit our service center for assistance and let our service expert diagnose and make repairs today.


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