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New Ford Fusion Energi Helpful Technology Features

This new Ford Fusion Energi has grown in popularity because this plug-in hybrid has abundant technology features.

To help drivers to be in a better position to see what is coming from either direction as you drive in reverse, the Ford Fusion Energi makes use of the Cross-Traffic Alert system. The system scans the road, then alerts the driver which direction a vehicle is moving so they have time to stop and proceed with caution.

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The Aggressive Front-End of the 2019 Ford Flex

Every exterior detail of the 2019 Ford Flex has been designed to add style. The front-end of this popular three-row mid-sized SUV has a unique look that's sporty, aggressive, and modern.

The first thing people will notice on the road is the grille. A chrome grille comes standard on lower trim levels. On the Limited model, a satin aluminum finish is used. The grille covers the entire width of the SUV. 

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The 2018 Ford Focus Has Powerful Acceleration

The Ford Focus is a leader in compact cars for personal or business usage. The Focus provides a great balance of performance, flexibility, and fuel mileage. The 2018 Focus is an ideal vehicle for city driving, and its compact design is easy to park and maneuver. On the open road, the Focus has power to spare and excellent gas mileage.

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The Ford C-MAX Has a Mind of Its Own

Driving a hybrid can be fun and exciting. The Ford C-MAX has plenty of zip, cargo space in the back, and engaging features that can help you maximize your mileage. It's becoming a popular choice amongst drivers who want to be environmentally friendly and practical at the same time.

SmartGauge with EcoGuide comes standard on the C-MAX. 

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The Feature Packed Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is an all-new compact SUV that is changing the game for the next generation of car buyers. Though it is small and affordable, it is by no means your average economy car. The Ford EcoSport has been designed with the more discriminating tastes in mind.

While the EcoSport boasts impressive off-road and all conditions performance, this model is aimed at the young suburbanite whose daily life demands stylish comfort and connectivity. 

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Choose the Ford Fusion Hybrid for its Design

You should be in a vehicle that makes you happy. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a popular hybrid sedan and the team at Serramonte Ford feels that it might be a vehicle that makes you happy because of the way that it is designed.

The door handles and bumpers of the Ford Fusion Hybrid are made in the same color as the body of the vehicle, giving it a clean finish. This vehicle gives you the opportunity to be set up with halogen fog lights if those are of interest to you and something that you would like to add…

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Look Closer at These Ford Escape Technology Features

The new Ford Escape continues to be a popular crossover vehicle that is packed with technology features drivers love. Here are some of those features in action.

The Ford Escape has a radar that scans the road for traffic that is getting too close to your vehicle. The Blind Spot Information System will alert the driving with a flashing light on the side mirror so the driver doesn't leave the lane and head right into traffic. 

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